E-Z Haul History

e-zaul-don-crawfordE-Z Haul was “born” by the hard work of three partners, including Don Crawford, now a previous owner of E-Z Haul.

When Don and two partners bought the company, E-Z Haul was a modest landscape yard, but as years passed, businesses surrounding E-Z Haul would sell their property, Crawford and his partners bought the land to add to E-Z Haul.

Soon, E-Z Haul grew into a company that is now a landscaping yard, a stucco plant, a ready mix company, and a trucking company all in one!

Crawford grew very close to his employees, some of them working for him for over 20 years; so when it was Crawford’s time to retire, he knew he wanted to find someone that would understand the sense of family and respect within E-Z Haul.

Crawford passed on his legacy to Ronnie Day, who had experience in the trucking and heavy equipment industry for over 20 years. Day could tell Crawford’s retirement was a very sad time for E-Z Haul and all of the employees that grew up working for him.

Now, the little landscape yard is a four-in-one company that takes pride in our family atmosphere along with the knowledge and experience our employees have. Whether you are new to the industry or know exactly what you need, we are here to help you with any project.